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West Coast Ripe

We have a new beer to share, and the excitement level is very high at Great Notion at the moment!
You may have seen us hinting at West Coast Ripe IPA recently, and the time is now for our latest member of the Ripe family. West Coast Ripe shows off the Citra hop in a different way. We are still up to our same shenanigans when it comes to dry hopping with Citra, but this new Westy has some well timed hot side Citra additions that add some punchy West Coast bittering. Get ready for another 180 when the crisp the lighter body makes way for some remarkable alpha acids.
This crystal clear jaw dropper has some assertive mandarin and mango flavor with a touch of grapefruit and mixed berry aroma. Welcome to the hot side and welcome WC Ripe to the fam.

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