Welcome to the world of Great Notion.

Join the Timber Crew! This band of misfits walkin’ in the woods in search of fresh stumpage.

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Hazy IPAs and Culinary-Inspired Sours and Stouts

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Buy aND ShIP CAnS DIReCtly tO YOu

Now supporting local delivery and taproom pickup of beer
directly from us to you. Limited quantities are available so
get them while you can.

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COP tHe lateSt DROPS

Our cans and bottles release when ready and are
available at designated pickup points and for delivery
in certain cities. Often releases include paired merch
or other special items.

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ShOP lImITeD aND exCluSIve MerCh

Our merch program is dropping through the app as
soon as this summer, with exclusive and limited
capsule collections and themed released.

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Uncover AnD UnlOCk CHaraCTerS AnD GaMeS

There are little surprises everywhere, if you can
figure out how to unlock them. Experience the world
of great notion with our games and virtual
characters. You'll know it when you see it.

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earN POIntS AnD BaDGeS

You can collect points and badges along the way, including
for cans you’ve bought, when you're at a taproom, or by
unlocking characters. Those points, they add up, trust us.

And as you climb the ranks, the sweeter the reward.

So you think this is going to be that easy? Think again. You’ll start as the Greenhorn...the camp rookie.
But you gotta start somewhere, right? As you move up, each level has a new benefit.

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Product preview

You’re the camp rookie, in charge of maintaining the bunkhouses, making beds, and insuring there is enough firewood.


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Product preview
10,000 points

You’re that funky fresh and entry-level logger, usually assigned the worst or least desirable tasks for the
timber crew.


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Product preview
50,000 points

You’re the pilot from the air, directing the ground crew from a high point and relaying instructions using a series of whistle blasts.


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Product preview
100,000 points

You’re the often unruly hooktender and head honcho, the boss of the timber crew. As high as it gets. Numero Uno.