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So Wrong It’s Ripe

So Wrong It’s Ripe - Hazy IPA with Honey

Ripe is one of our favorite beers to brew and to drink, and on occasion we get inspired to create one off beers from our hazy Citra IPA.

So Wrong It’s Ripe is a hazy Citra IPA fermented with Wildflower honey from Eternal Honey in Oregon. We adjust the regular grain bill by adding malted Rye to the Pilsner malt, oats, and wheat. The rye adds a bit more depth to the malt profile of the beer with its spicier flavor. After mashing, we use some Citra and Mosaic hops in the whirlpool to start building the foundation for the citrus character. By decreasing some of the added sugar we add in the boiling process, we can add the more flavorful, but highly fermentable Wildflower honey, while keeping the 7% ABV the same.

The cool part of using honey is we get a subtle color change and a more complex aromatic profile. Once it is time to dry hop So Wrong, we add a large charge of Citra and Citra Cryo hops to the fermenting beer.

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