Get on the Bus this April with a month of psychedelic-inspired beers!


It takes the help of plenty of people outside of our brewery to make an exciting beer like Roominator, a New Zealand Pilsner collaboration made with the help of @flatlandbrewing in Elk Grove, CA. We looked no further than @nzhopsltd for the aroma hops. Their Nectaron has already won us over so, boom, those are in, but now they have another one named Superdelic that needs your focus. This is that before-it-was-cool kind of hop that can add unique mango and throw red fruit character with plenty of biotransformation potential so you know we had to cop. How about some fallout proof Cryo Pop from @yakimachief, a newer hop product that keeps extra fruit aroma and flavor locked into your beer instead of dissipating during brewing? That’s in there too. He might be last here, but not least, our artist Chad Eaton @timberps went all the way out on some of the sickest artwork ever for Roominator. Do not sleep on these hops, or they won't be back.

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