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What's up Great Notion Fam?!?! How much do y'all know about GN fan-fave IPA - RIPE?!?!

Ripe has been a mainstay in our lineup since we opened our doors in 2016. Over the years, this IPA has earned some impressive awards, like #1 IPA in America (out of 324 IPAs blind taste-tested) from Paste Magazine and #1 IPA in Portland from Willamette Week. Our fan-favorite all-Citra hazy IPA is easy drinking and very juicy with red grapefruit and tangerine flavors. Top-quality Citra hops keep this IPA saturated with rich hop oils full of tropical fruit accents like mango and papaya. The pale Pilsner malt, oats, and wheat build a soft, pillowy mouthfeel in a medium bodied IPA with very low bitterness. Ripe has a pale yellow color with a dense haze, and plenty of foam to deliver all of the intense Citra character for a sensory overload in your glass. Our obsession with improving Ripe with each batch, is also responsible for inspiring us to create a wider variety of Ripe inspired variants. Over Ripe, So Wrong It’s Ripe, and Super Duper Ripe are some examples of other IPA’s in the Ripe family tree.

Cop some Ripe today on our app or at your local dope beer hot spot!! Tasting notes follow:

ABV%: 7
MALT: Pilsner
DRY HOP: Citra, Citra Cryo
ADJUNCTS: Wheat, Flaked Oats
VISUALS: Ripe touts a very washed yellow color similar to lemon curd with a fully hazy presentation. The stark ivory foam is a collection of densely packed bubbles with quality lacing and head retention.
AROMA: The all Citra dry hop gives us a great example of this hop's range of aromatics. Ripe's aromatic profile has a makeup of citrus fruit's like tangerine and red grapefruit. The lighter tropical tones of classic Ripe exude notes of papaya and mango and lemon balm. The use of pale malts helps to keep the balance geared toward the Citra, and all of your attention focused on the dry hopped character.
FLAVOR: Ripe shares more tropical flavors once drinking commences. The pungent citrus aromas take a step back with more pineapple and mango flavors emerging with a small suggestion of cantaloupe. This IPA is effortless to drink without the presence of bitter hop flavors. Ripe has a sweetness that keeps juicy mouthwatering sensations very high while still maintaining drinkability that verges on refreshing.
BODY/MOUTHFEEL: The malt bill of Ripe is comprised of pale Pilsner malt, flaked oats, and wheat. The proteins and gums in the adjunct grains and the help of Portland's high quality brewing water create a very soft pillowy mouthfeel. The oats can help with the haze to a small degree, but they really work their magic with the creamy impression they add to drinking experience. The carbonation is gentle and without a bite to help mimic the sensation of a juicy beer. The aftertaste of Ripe leaves citrus flavors behind on the palate, with no lingering sweet or bitter flavors.
CONCEPT: If there was a beer that did not need a backstory or a concept it would be Ripe for us. An all Citra hop IPA is almost a requirement for most breweries to offer. Ripe holds on to its relevant status in craft beer, and secured permanent residency at all Great Notion taprooms, due to the constant recipe development. Since 2016, our brewers have toiled over developing a path for Ripe to be what it is today, and hopefully better tomorrow. This signature hazy IPA has given way to several one off brands like Over Ripe, Super Duper Ripe, So Wrong It's Ripe, and the always highly anticipated Fresh Hop Ripe.
FOOD PAIRING: Ripe is a very versatile tool for food pairing with its low bitterness and high citrus flavor. Pale colored proteins such as pork and fish treated simply and cooked on the grill benefit from the fresh and bold flavors of Ripe. This isn't to say it doesn't taste amazing next to cold pizza, ramen, or a personal favorite - beef bulgogi.
CRUSHABILITY: Ripe has next level drinkability for a beer style that you don't usually associate with extended drinking sessions.
FUN FACT: Myrcene is one of four major hop oils, and Citra hops happen to have plenty of it. This is the liquid gold GN tries to extract during the dry hop process. Myrcene is the source of citrus aroma in hoppy beer.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you add some Ripe to your next order!!

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