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Reeferm Madness

The burning question we have is: why are folks still storing these so-called smooth beers warm?! The dangers of this recklessness can be loss of beer, startling explosions, or shame. Yet, there are still some out there that would have you believe there is no harm in storing unfermented fruit in a warm place. Don’t believe this propaganda! Instead why not give in to the pressure of Reeferm Madness, a smooth beer that gives you the cold fruit fix you’ve been jonesing for. We packed in sweet strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry like sardines in a can just begging to escape. If that isn’t enough to sway you, how about some marshmallow and tropical mangosteen? Come on, just give it a try cold. At only 6.3%abv, what could go wrong? Don’t be the next tragedy of this evil. Keep them cold or else.

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