Over Ripe

Over Ripe - Fruited Hazy IPA (ABV: 7%)

When we first started brewing our citra hop Ripe, our guests were convinced the beer contained fruit. So what would happen if you take a beer that already has tons of citrus and stone fruit flavors and added something more to it? Over Ripe is that beer, with Citra, Motueka, and Azacca used to dry hop this IPA. We also add a tropical fruit called mangosteen. If you aren’t familiar with mangosteen, also known as the Queen of Fruits, it has an intoxicating flavor of lychee, banana, peaches, and citrus fruits. 

We start the recipe with a mash of Pilsner malt, wheat, and oats just like how we begin with a batch of ripe. We use these pale malts to produce alcohol and a smooth body, while keeping the balance of flavors directed towards the hops and fruit. We add some sugar in the boil to adjust the body and sweetness of Over Ripe. After boiling it's time for Citra and Mosaic hops to be added to the whirlpool. During fermentation we start the dry hopping process by adding Citra, Motueka, and Azacca hops. The motueka adds a nice touch of lemon and lime notes to Over Ripe. The lesser known Azacca adds a lot of mango and papaya character to the beer.

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