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Orange Creamsicle Fruit in the Can

Our Fruit in the Can series picks up where your GN favorites leave off. If you haven’t tried one of these sour smoothie beers yet, the Fruit in the Can series thickens up some of our classic recipes like Orange Creamsicle with the help from plenty of fruit. We get a lot of responses saying that these are not beers, but our brewers would kindly disagree. They brew a powerfully strong sour beer base and after it finishes fermenting, fruit puree and other flavors are added to these unique specialty beers to add sweetness and body. For this particular Orange Creamsicle flavored smoothie, we use a lot of Cara Cara Orange with vanilla and a touch of coconut to make this sweet and sour 6% abv citrus bomb. Please remember to keep these cans refrigerated or else.

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