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Ol' Naughty

Ol’ Naughty - Barleywine (11.2% ABV)

Get ready to warm yourself with Ol’ Naughty, our new Barleywine brewed together with Olympia Provisions. This Barelywine has the approachable abv of an English example but a more American feel since we couldn’t help ourselves from dry hopping with some classic Northwestern hops. A robust grist of Pale Ale, Crystal Rye, and Munich malt along with amber candi syrup provide all the sugars for a healthy fermentation to get this beer to its stout 11.2% abv. Simcoe and Centennial hops lend just the right amount of bitterness and aromatics to keep the rich malt character in the sweet spot. Ol’ Naughty enjoyed a long conditioning, so drink it now or lay it down. $15/500ml bottle

Get the complete Ol’ Naughty experience and grab a limited-edition Gift Pack featuring the bottle plus an Olympia Provisions Winter Sausage! The Olympia Provisions Winter Sausage is a deliciously tangy and shelf-stable sausage that pairs perfectly with our Ol’ Naughty Barleywine. $25

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