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Moment of Clarity

One of the best taproom experiences in Denver, Colorado you can have is at the @CerebralBrewing taproom. Just trust us on that. Behind the scenes, these folks produce some truly innovative beers with a scientific approach. We thought it was a no brainer to clone another batch of one of our favorite collaborations of all time, Moment of Clarity. This West Coast IPA was repeatedly hopped with Simcoe and her good buddy Strata. So get your thinking caps out for this one, you’ll need all your brainpower to appreciate the amazing aroma hop compounds that we trapped in the cans. Seriously, that's how noses work. It’s science. Your nose is about to tell your brain to smell the snozzberries, passionfruit, and grapefruit that you might be enjoying in a walk through the pine forest. The hop oils have a multiplex of aromas and flavors for you to process. Or you can just drink one to the face, which we also highly recommend. 

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