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Mango Coconut Mochi Fruit In The Can

Mango Coconut Mochi Fruit In The Can - Smoothie (ABV: 5.2%)

Did you know that in Japanese folklore the Tanuki is said to be a shapeshifter? Well, we did exactly that with the newest addition to our Fruit In The Can series.

Mango Coconut Mochi takes on a different shape as a sour smoothie instead of its usual Mochi IPA. This sour smoothie is packed full of mango and Cara Cara orange puree for a mouthwatering pucker of tropical and citrus flavors.

We then dry hopped this new smoothie with Citra hops, and added lots of coconut cream to keep the tropical flavors flowing and add body, while also letting us keep the lactose out of this beer. 

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