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Juice Invader

Juice Invader - Hazy IPA (ABV: 7%)

We have been brewing this core hazy since we started out on Alberta Street. The beer formerly known as SPa%E Invader, these days it’s better known as Juice Invader. This one doesn’t have quite as many one off brands as Ripe does, but we have made plenty of Invader beers for all of you Southern Hemisphere hop fans. The hops of Australia and New Zealand just hit differently, and Juice Invader is a great example of that. 

We use pale malts, oats, and wheat in the malt bill just like we do with most of our Hazy IPA’s. You need all of these gummy grains to create that silky smooth body that is oh so important in such a juicy beer. After we boil the wort, we add one of our favorite hop combos of Citra and Mosaic hops to the whirlpool.

The citrus and tropical compounds from those hops compliment the full scale invasion of the Galaxy and Vic Secret that we use to dry hop with. We get a lot of tropical pineapple, passion fruit, and mandarin notes with a touch of cedarwood and pine.

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