The Mosaic hop got its name because of its complexity and varied aromatic qualities that it can leave in your beer, like blueberry and mango. JB DIPA name came after some legal jibber jabber, but that’s neither here nor there. No matter the name, JB has always been about creating the juiciest double IPA by way of Mosaic and Mosaic Cryo hops. It all starts with a mash of high quality malt and grains before a few timely hop additions go in the boil kettle and whirlpool. Our house yeast strain gets a little treat of wildflower honey to consume during fermentation before all of the Mosaic gets to work. The resulting pale orange nectar is full of heady aromas of mango, peaches, blueberry, and maybe even a touch of bubblegum all grown on a young pinetree.

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