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Elite Lager

Elite Lager is a stunningly brilliant Munich Helles that is light on ingredients, but full of flavors. Freshly baked bread flavors come from the Pilsner malt, while noble Hersbrucker hops add citrus and herbal character. This new clear beer is unofficially brewed for the Elite Lager Shotgun Club a.k.a. our brew team’s always unaffiliated, totally unsanctioned, lager social club.You should notice that our Cellar Manager, the child, the yung man, Tommy Chaffee is dead center on the front of this significant beer label. Cheers on your 5 years at GN Tommy! This beer is best enjoyed with a day off of throwing discs, landing kicks, and most importantly good pizza. 
For those looking to upgrade their drinkware, we will also have a small run of Elite Lager tall boy can glasses for sale on the app!
Ein, Zwei, Drei, who's ready for a… lager.

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