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Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes - Imperial Stout (ABV: 9.3%)

For this Friday’s main event we have two Great Notion All Stars going head to head! Double Stack and Blueberry Muffin collide for the first time ever in four packs as Blueberry Pancakes. Blueberry Pancakes weighs in at a staggering 9.3% ABV and is jammed up with tons of blueberry puree, maple syrup, and Mostra Coffee beans. We struggled over the perfect ratio to get this showdown just how we like it. Let’s just say this is a little more on the stout side of things with enough acidity to shake things up. Blueberry Pancakes might not have anything to do with 80’s arm wrestling movies, but everytime we open a can it’s like a switch.

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