Baked (Peach)

Baked (Peach) - Fruited Sour (ABV: 6%)

Who’s ready to get Baked? We are, and a new batch of Baked Peach is coming out this Friday if you are missing some sour beer in your life. Baked Peach and all of the other flavors in the Baked series taste just like a glass of liquid pie. This one just happens to be full of stoned fruit flavors of peach ringz, cinnamon, and vanilla. Baked gets plenty of peach puree to lay down the base flavor and we add it again after fermentation to add some sweetness and body. Milk sugar takes the mouthfeel to a different place and helps to tame the acidity of this sour. Great Aunty Lou-Anne has really outdone herself this time.

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