GN App Updates

What is the Great Notion App?

The GN App is a mobile application to explore the virtual world of Great Notion! Purchase the latest drops and earn points to move up in the Timbercrew. 

What’s new in the Great Notion app?

The latest version of the app is here! As of Spring 2022, we are introducing referrals, a merch sale section, and bug fixes to streamline your GN App experience. We are getting ready to make some exciting changes to our loyalty program, so you’ll also notice tweaks to our points system.

Unfortunately the current version of the app is not compatible with Google Pixel 6 devices. Looks for a compatible version soon.

Need help?

Keep the feedback coming! You can shake your phone while the app is open to report technical issues or connect with support. Order issues can be directed to app@greatnotion.com – just remember to include your order number!

How do I install the new version of the app?

How you update the app is determined by your settings. If you are set up for automatic updates, the Great Notion app will be ready to go next time you login. Otherwise you will need to update the app manually. You may need to be connected to wifi for the update to install. 

How do I refer a friend?

Navigate to the Referrals page in the navigation sidebar. You’ll see a button to share your link at the bottom of the page – just tap the button, and use the native sharing features of your phone to spread your link far and wide and recruit your friends to the Timbercrew! When someone you have referred uses your link to register and make a purchase, you’ll get a discount code directly in your profile to use at your discretion. Currently, the referral codes you earn are good for 20% off of $20 or more.

General FAQ

Local Delivery Service

We have partnered with DoorDash to make local delivery quicker, more widespread, and easier for our users. 

With DoorDash, you can order your beer and have it delivered either same-day or next-day within a two-hour delivery window of your choosing. Orders can be delivered anywhere in a ten-mile radius* of any of our five taprooms in Portland and Seattle. You will be able to track your delivery status right in the GN app for even greater convenience, and best of all – there is no minimum purchase amount! The delivery fee charged by DoorDash is dependent on your location and will be displayed in the checkout screen before you complete your purchase.

Make sure you have your ID ready when your Dasher gets to your door – the person named on the order must be 21+ and available to accept delivery on arrival.

*Other constraints may apply

Delivery Support

Once your delivery order is on its way, you will receive text updates from your driver. However, if you need to cancel or reschedule your delivery, you can do so up to two hours before your scheduled delivery window. Just shoot us a message with your order number at delivery@greatnotion.com and we will take care of the rest!

All delivery-related questions and requests should be directed to the same email address. No need to contact DoorDash directly – we will handle any order issues or inquiries at Great Notion.

How do I use the filters to find what is in stock for delivery near me?

Delivery availability will be determined by inventory at the Great Notion taproom closest to you. If you are within ten miles of a GN location, you will be able to order any beers that are available at that location for delivery. Different beers may be available for delivery from different taprooms, and these will all show up as live with the Delivery filter. You can choose to filter by taproom to get a better idea of what is in stock near you.

Shipping Service

Shipping is currently available anywhere in the states of California, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington DC, Oregon, Washington, and Ohio, and we also ship to Anchorage, AK.

Please note that while the shipping service we provide has not changed, the language in the app has been updated to more accurately reflect shipping times. We will continue to use UPS Ground for all orders, but specific delivery time is not guaranteed. 

Monthly shipping limits are now displayed when adding items to your cart, but you can check out our Shipping FAQ for information on monthy/yearly limits by state, shipping fees, and more!

How can I set my preferred taproom as the default in my app?

You won’t have to manually select your preferred taproom each time you add an item to your cart anymore! Selecting a default taproom is super easy. When you place your first order with the updated app, you will be asked whether you want to use that taproom selection as your default. Once you confirm your default, you can still place orders to other taprooms. The app will prompt you with a reminder of your chosen taproom when you place your next order, so you can change your default settings if you so choose.

Do you allow proxies? Can I send beer to a friend as a gift?

If you would like to have another person pick up your order or receive a local delivery, you can just check the “Proxy” box and enter the name and phone number of that person. We have also added a “Gift” option when placing a shipping order so you can enter the name of the person who will be receiving the package without changing your profile information in the app.

Push notifications

We’ve been using push notifications since the app was first introduced, but we have made some changes that will allow us to utilize this feature even more for ease of communication with you, the user. We promise to keep notifications to a minimum, but we will now be able to use them to provide updates on levels, rewards, important taproom news, and more. Make sure you have enabled notifications in your phone settings and your app profile so you don’t miss anything (including special offers and discounts)!

How do I play The Climb?

You can find Victoria Lane’s GN game debut in the character section of the app. Tap your screen to maneuver up the tree and from side to side – but watch out for branches and falling debris! Earn a point for each foot of tree you climb, and knock the competition right off of the leaderboard.

How can I buy beer on the app?

Lots of places! You can navigate through the trending beer cards on the home page, check out live and upcoming drops on the Drops page, and also search for available cans on the Cans page. From here you can purchase beer for pickup, local delivery (within 10 miles of any GN taproom), and shipping to select states. Something catching your eye that isn’t available for purchase right now? Add it to your Wantlist to keep track of it until it drops!

I ordered the wrong beer, can I change my order?

We are not able to change orders once they have been placed, so be sure to review your order before completing your purchase. You can contact us at app@greatnotion.com with any questions about order cancellations, and we will be happy to help.

Can I filter my view by location?

You can filter your view in the Drops, Cans, and Merch tabs by location, availability, and order method (shipping, delivery, or taproom pickup).

Can I hold beer in my cart until I’m ready to order other releases? 

Once in your cart, you have 10 minutes to complete your order and pay before the beer is released back into inventory. We cannot hold or combine orders at this time.

How long do I have to pick up my order? 

Pickup orders can be collected at the Great Notion taproom you selected during business hours through close of the business the day after you place your order. We do not hold orders beyond the stated pickup window. Current pickup hours at all locations can be found in the “Locations” section of our website (here) or in the Taproom information section of the app.

I missed my pickup/delivery. What happens now? 

You will need to contact us at app@greatnotion.com with your order number to request a refund. Your order will then be cancelled and refunded to the original form of payment minus a $25 restocking fee and the shipping/delivery fee if applicable. Please contact us within 30 days of the original order to receive your refund.

I won’t be home during delivery hours, can you leave the beer at my door? 

By law, we are not allowed to leave your beer at your door. You must be present to receive the order and have ID on hand. Please make sure you will be available to do so before placing your order. This is true for both local delivery and shipped orders

How do I earn points and move up in the Timbercrew?

You earn points in the Timbercrew by unlocking cans and badges, playing games, logging Checkins, even filling out your profile. There is much to explore, so get in there to learn more!

As you move up in the Timber Crew, you can earn free swag, the rights to purchase super limited beers and more. We check the rolls at the beginning of each quarter (Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, and Oct 1) to determine who made rank for any perks over the the following three month period, so if you are right on the cusp of leveling up, get those points in so you don’t miss out! We will be adding new prizes and levels as time goes on, with even more rad (and exclusive) rewards.

How can I add a Checkin?

You can earn points for adding Checkins for any beer or merch purchases, as well as taproom visits. Just navigate to the product or taproom page in the app and scroll down to the bottom to tap the Checkin card. After that, the app will guide you through the steps. Earn extra points for sharing your Checkin to Instagram too!

I earned new points, but they aren’t showing up in my profile.

It can take some time for the app to update your points total. Keep an eye on that number for a day or two, but if you still haven’t received your points after 48 hours, shoot us an email app@greatnotion.com and we will sort it out.

My app keeps crashing, what do I do?

The app sometimes uses a lot of memory, which may cause stability issues for older phones, especially when doing things like Checkins. If you are experiencing app crashes, you may consider closing other apps while using the GN app and turning off low power mode.  

If you continue to experience technical issues, you can send a bug report by shaking your phone while the app is open. Enter the details of the problem and include a screenshot or recording if need, and our developers will be able to check it out!

What if I have other questions?

Please email app@greatnotion.com. If you reach out between the hours of 9am and 8pm Monday-Friday, you can expect a response within a few hours.

Visit our Shipping FAQ for more information on shipping orders!