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Passionfruit Mochi

Instead of making your own mochi - which would be a ton of work - you should try our new batch of Passionfruit Mochi IPA. Our mochi (or is it milkshake IPA?) is fermented with passionfruit, and we file this one under greatest hits. We brew this IPA with lots of oats, rice, and milk sugar to turn up the creamy mochi mouthfeel as well as making the body thicker. It’s very soft just like a Tanuki. Mosaic, Azacca, and Motueka hops make for an ideal hop combo to dry hop with for all of their overly fruity character. We double down on the passionfruit before and after fermentation and then flavor with vanilla. This decadent treat doesn’t come around often, just like the Tanuki.
*contains milk sugar.

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