Bubbs (Blueberry & Sicilian Lemon)

Bubbs (Blueberry & Sicilian Lemon) - Hard Seltzer (5.5% ABV)

In Sicily, they say that a lemon isn’t a lemon unless it’s Sicilian. We are inclined to agree about this killer flavor and how it matched up with the blueberries in our newest batch of Bubbs. Bubbs, if you didn’t already know, is our hard seltzer line that we pack full of fruit flavor just like you would expect from us at GN. We think you will be blown away once you taste how the clean lemon flavor accentuates the blueberry into a more intense example of itself. The best part about Bubbs is even though it is made without malt, you can still enjoy a ton of refreshment in a flavorful beverage at a cool 5.5% ABV. Relax on the river or rage in the backyard this summer, just do it with a Bubbs!

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