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3.5/5 "AIN'T BAD"

We have one more surprise left from when Kyle of Horus Aged Ales came out on his last visit to Portland. It was decided we needed another beer to collaborate on, so a Bohemian Pilsner that we dubbed 3.5/5 “AIN’T BAD” is the result. Three and half was made with amazing Mecca Grade Pilsner malt and spicy Saaz hops before it settled in for a long lagering. Our new Pils is free and clear fermentation aromas and only bursting with Meyer lemon and baked biscuit tones. You might call this bright golden chillsner a shining example of spicy hop bitterness and refreshment, just please don’t call it a 5. Our brewers have labored long and hard to get this beer to a level of “It’s actually pretty good for a pilsner.”

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