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Surprise Drop! 2023 BBA Punkbeast

SURPRISE, Whistlepunks & Timberbeasts - BBA Punkbeast 2023 bottles are available at 7pm PST! Click here to grab yours before it's all gone. Don't forget we're also offering shipping for our BBA bottles!! Any remaining bottles will be released to Brushhogs and Greenhorns tomorrow at 10am PST, so set those alarms to see if the Beast will last.
For BBA Punkbeast 2023, we selected stouts that were aged in Heaven Hill 12 Year, and Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels for 31 months. The Thailand Doi Saket coffee beans from @mostracoffee add a light roast with notes of graham cracker, clementine, and Thai iced tea that brighten up this aged stout. This unique coffee is the ultimate pastry counterpart for the marshmallow and toasted coconut flakes we used to condition this beer on. 
(13.3% ABV) $35/500ml bottle

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