Keep Hops Fresh

Keep Hops Fresh

It’s that special time of year in the Pacific Northwest when the hop farms begin to harvest their crops for the year, and we’re excited to bring you a fantastic lineup of fresh hopped beers and merch this season!

From late August through September, hop farms go into full swing, working 24 hours a day to harvest their fresh hop crops. Fresh hops have to be used immediately for brewing, so our team raced our first orders back to the Alberta and NW28th breweries. We are once again asking you to drink these as fresh as possible and help us to KEEP BEER FRESH. 

All of the fresh Lupulin from these seasonal treasures are full of hop Alpha Acids and essential oils, but you only have a short window to enjoy them before they fade away. Lupulin is that good stuff we are after here.

We won't spill all the beans just yet, but look out for a new hazy pale ale called Parallel Stratum with fresh Strata hops from our Alberta brewery. To start fresh hop season off at our NW28th brewery, we already have Fresh Hop Ripe, and Fresh Hop Magnetic West underway. Cheers!

*Please note that due to the nature of fresh hop beers, these will not be available for shipping and will not be included in our Subscription boxes.