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Celebrate Dry(ish) January with our N/A Drops!

Participating in Dry January this year or just want to treat yourself to some non-alcoholic Great Notion goodness to break up your day? Good news - the floodgate is open with something for everyone. This year, we're proud to bring three N/A options to the table, and even more exciting, they are all shipping nationwide when you order on our website!

Clearly Cascadian Hop Water & Over Ripe Hop Water are our sparkling Hop Water offerings, and they're just as non-alcoholic as they are calorie free (hello, New Year's resolutions)! We took our sweet time getting them just right, and managed to capture rich aromatic oils from the hops all suspended in a torrent of Pacific Northwest water and bubbles.

Clearly Cascadian features a light Citra dry hop for the perfect non alcoholic refreshment, and while our Over Ripe Hop Water shares that recipe, we added the same mangosteen flavor as our Over Ripe IPA that inspired it! It is then dry hopped with Citra and Motueka to pack in some citrus and additional tropical fruit character.

For those of you with a little more of a sweet tooth, we've got a brand new batch of fan-favorite Rated G Black Cherry Cream SodaWe make this sweet treat with real cane sugar, black cherry juice, vanilla, and lots of bubbles to get that classic soda fountain flavor into your glass. 

Even if you aren’t taking January off, you can at least turn some heads in the office when you crack one of these 16oz crushers open. Happy New Year!

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