Stamper Stout

Stamper Stout - Coffee Stout (ABV: 6.2%)

Remember the American Stout beer style? We used to make one that some of you may remember. That beer was called Stamper Stout, and we are bringing it back, this time in four packs! This is the opposite of a Pastry Stout in terms of body, strength, sweetness, and additional adjuncts. Weird right? Stamper is very drinkable with a manageable 6.2% abv. Our brewers carefully selected dark malts that don’t impart acrid or burnt flavors, but keep the coffee and chocolate notes turned up to 11. Columbus hops were added halfway through a longer boil for some necessary bitterness. To bring Stamper into 2022, we went with @MostraCoffee House Blend coffee beans that add the flavor of nutty chocolate and cigar box vibes to condition the stout with. Never give an inch!