Mango Fluff

Mango Fluff - Fruited Sour (ABV: 8.5%)

The Alpacas were so close to making it through Dry January this year, but they fell short since we are dropping a new batch of Mango Fluff. While the alpacas love to drink this mango sour, they really can’t hold their alcohol, especially something as strong as the 8.5% abv of Mango Fluff. They love the cotton candy flavors of their namesake beer, but they get wacky on the booze, become aggressive and start spitting on everything. You can trust that this new batch of Mango Fluff is puffed up with tropical mango flavor in a mouthwatering sour beer with a cotton candy twist. Alpacas, on the other hand, should never be trusted. They have knives.

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