Early Access - BBA Peanut Brother

Early Access - BBA Peanut Brother

Our next bottle drop is coming at you Friday, 7/21 - read on to see how you can score the second round of Bourbon Barrel Aged Peanut Brother Imperial Stout!

If you have leveled up to Timberbeast or Whistlepunk, will get early access to this bottle + mug (plus all of Friday's drops) in the app on Thursday, 7/20 at 9pm PST. If bottles remain, they will drop for the public on Friday, 7/21 at 9am PST. And YES - we will be offering shipping!

For the second time ever, Bourbon barrel aged Peanut Brother returns with the same amazing peanut butter cup flavor, but with new barrels to talk about this year. We boiled our favorite Imperial Stout base that we like to brew, just for filling Bourbon barrels with. Three Bourbon barrels that held Weller, Blanton’s, and Pappy Van Winkle were filled and aged for 30 months. After we racked the stout, we conditioned this project on toasted peanut meal as well as Ecuadorian cacao nibs from @etherealconfections. Bourbon’s sweet scent, caramelized peanut brittle, and sweet milk chocolate aromatics set the stage for a wash of liquid chocolate and peanut butter flavors in this triumph of pastry. (12.9% ABV) $35/500ml bottle

Did you notice a brand-new merch item in the photo above? We are celebrating the release of this batch of BBA Peanut Brother with a 14 oz. Augusta Mug in matte black with with red clay base, featuring the world famous Great Notion rodent diving squad. ($15)

The full list of Early Access drops is:

  • BBA Peanut Brother
  • Mug
  • Seedless
  • Juice Jr.
  • Triple Strawberry Marshmallow Shake