We’ve sat on the sidelines for years, jealously watching other breweries drink their own Oktoberfest lagers. For years, our staff begged us to make one, and well, dreams do come true! Great Notion finally brewed an Oktoberfest that we named…. Oktoberfest. The name isn’t as important as what is inside the glass. We used some primo Vienna and Munich malts to get that nice sweet malt backbone just right. Hallertau Mittelfruh and a later addition of Sterling hops provide the bittering and aromatics for balance. 

We all know that any Oktoberfest celebration wouldn't be complete without glassware, so we'll have matching half liter steins for sale in our taprooms in OR and WA! For every purchase of a half liter stein for $15, we will fill it up with Oktoberfest for another $2, from September 17th - October 3rd, while supplies last.

Price: $16/4pack, $15/Glassware / ABV: 5.6%

*Please be aware that Oktoberfest glassware will only be available at our Oregon and Washington taprooms, and will not be available for shipping.